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Hello! My name is Claudio and i’m promoter from 2003 for the best night clubs and disco in Rome. My guestlist is called ”Superman”:)

I wrote this website because for top, hottest nights in parties and disco in Rome, you will not find any other resource online. In fact in Rome the discotheques are very common, especially smallest, but if you want go to a great cool party, with real door selection, cool and civil people, and also have fun in great disco, YOU HAVE TO BE INVITED. In Rome works so. You can contact me in advance and telling me your requests, i will adress you to the best party for age and budget; and i’ ll give you all the information for entrance, dress code and, other than that, i will give you some ”extra” like free drinks or discounts .

I’m also promoter for the big events in Rome, like New Year’s Eve in Rome or big parties with famous dj where you can access only via ticket or table reservated by me.


Trust who is physically present in the clubs and knows how things are for real !!! 


Call or text now + 39 393 4786744 for reserve in best clubs in Rome!

 Contact me and you’ll have ALL the possible solutions to choice!


Even if i advise you to contact me as soon as possible for best choice, i will write a little nightlife guide about night clubs in Rome.

Be aware to read this nightlife guide about the real situation of Rome nightclubs!

I sense the urge to write these few words about the reality of Rome night clubs and wrong information – false myths, that will waste your stay in Rome, loosing the best places and events!

First i have read some famous website who talks about Rome nightlife and where to go… when i read Campo de Fiori, Trastevere… or some ”clubs” … i feel very bad for you, tourist! Let’s be clear, these are places where if you stay long time, you will be curious to go there… and also lot of romans pass their night there… but what type of Romans?

People who don’t know very well Rome! People who are a little lazy! People under 18years old! People who don’t have the right contacts for go to cool parties! People who DON’T WANT to go to cool parties or dress elegant. Those who prefer drink a bottle of beer with friends in a public place dressed how they wants.


  1. If you are people that in that special night want to dress elegant, and with cool, calm and civil people.
  2. If you are with your beautiful girlfriend or you don’t want to risk a fight : street crimes in Rome are every day more frequent, arriving people from everywhere only for steal or scam in a city full of tourist like Rome. ( try to translate this link )
  3. If you want to be where everyone would be, if you want the best , top clubs in Rome without the need to pay so much (usually you will not have to pay nothing!!)then…

Contact me, a real Promoter that knows where you can have the maximum fun, be safe and don’t miss a thing of Rome!

Some other short tips? This can be a summary of Nightlife Guide in Rome:

  • Exclusive parties are usually friday and saturday at 1-2 clubs like Art Cafè nightclub inside the Metro A Spagna. There are lots of rules for entry and you have to be in my guestlist or table, so contact me soon! About 2,500 people very elegant and usually the entry on dancefloor is free!
  • Aperitifs – aperitivo, usually during the week like wednesday, thursaday and sunday: there are differents clubs that start from 9pm and finish around 2.
  • Beach party, biggest are on Fregene beach on sunday afternoon, great prices if you launch there!
  • Famous Dj parties, from dance like David Guetta, Tiesto to techno like Carl Cox o Pacha, Dc10 tours. Only by ticket that i can sell you also via paypal and you can retire the ticket when you want, also the same night.
  • New Year’s Eve, special parties in famous nightclubs only with ticket: i have special discounts 😉
  • Pool parties at luxury hotel or other special event party, only by invitation 😉
  • Payment it’s only possible at the entrance of nightclub. Who ask you money before or ”book online” it’s a scam or simply try to have all your contacts: the real reservations for good club are done via phone where the Pr HAVE to ask you specific questions for know if you have the requisites for entry in the club… otherwise you will go in front the club and have problems to entry or not entry at all, with eventually the Pr that doesn’t answer the call…very usual…
  • New Year’s Eve it’s only possible with ticket sold by an authorized promoter. You have to arrange the things several days before or you will find sold out. In Italy it DOOESN’T EXIST electronic ticket, but only paper ticket. (see siae.it)
  • Also public places for pass a night or aperitif, can be dangerous or awful in certain days or certain times. Even if i don’t have guestlists or public places, contact me for know when and where to go for a night without disco.

 Top 10 clubs in Rome – august-september 2014

Sorry, there are not 10 top clubs in Rome! Just a few!

But if you want some general suggestion about august and september 2014 i can tell you:

  • Art Cafè disco Rome, the summer edition is called Tempio Delle Donne, but for august it will be closed. Top club in Rome! I’m also there! MUST SEE ! every friday and saturday.
  • Terrazze at Eur, every saturday night from 23,30 very good alternative, i’m there.
  • Bosco Delle Fragole. It’s simply an open space near Stadio Olimpico, but with good people. I advice friday night. Wednesday there’s aperitivo 21-2.00
  • Sunday afternoon at Janga or Riva beach at Fregene.

You can see the page events for details and costs.

 Advice on dress code and look valid for most of top clubs.

Best clubs request elegant dress code for entry. But i want to be specific, being elegant very subjective!:)

For men:

  • no short pants or jeans with cuts: only classic jeans, better if dark.
  • no sports shoes, especially white. No summer shoes. Only classic, better dark.
  • no t-shirts. Only classic shirt with no graphics, better only one color.
  • no hair blazed in some parts, longer in another. A classic look with not too much gel.
  • Blaze it’s always welcome:)

For women:

  • no sport shoes of any kind. Classic elegant better with some heels.
  • All the girls are with some nice dress suite, so keep in mind this because, even if it’s possible entry with some jeans and nice shirt, you will want to be sure to not look too much casual in confront.

For New Year’s Eve both men and women need an elegant suite or, even you have purchased the ticket, you will be refunded but you will not entry! This is valid also for some special party with ticket.

Club’s restriction for age are surely min. 18 years old, but some request more. Surely you will find useful to contact me before, for find a club with a medium age that you like!

I can also arrange birthday parties also privates in wonderful places, strip tease etc…

Call me! I’m also always present in the best night or, if you choose some other club, i have trustworthy co worker ready for assistance!

See You soon!

Claudio Lista Superman +39 3934786744

Call me from 15.00 to 03.00 every day .

Some rule about night club reservations:

If i can’t answer you can leave a whatsapp/ imessage/ sms with your request, i’ll write you back as soon as possible. If you are already in front of the club or near, try again in a few minutes. After 3,15 am it’s almost impossibile to entry to any club, or because full or because they don’t allow that. (most close at 4,30-5).

Please reserve a table in a club only if you are 200% sure to come and respect the selection rules, because places are reserved and limited. Be also sure to contact me as soon as possible for don’t find all full.

Door selection is indipendent: if you don’t respect the rules for entry or you are not in condition (for exemple drunk) no one will can let you entry.

Do attention to tell the guestlist when requested, both at the bodyguard at the entry and at the girls near with the bloc notes that should ask you that. Tell guest list Superman and number of person showing them who you are. If not, they will apply a different price. Call me in front of the club it’s better for avoid mistakes.

Entrance in guestlist is usually 23.30-1.00 at the cash, so you’ll want to arrive for 00,30 earlier if it’s a special event like Halloween, opening, closure… If you want arrive later it’s necessary to buy a table or a bracelet for Vip area. Tables are usually for 15people or 500euro with 3 superalcholics included. If You want to spend less let me know soon and i will find an economical solution.

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guest list rome nightclub reservation

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promoter guest list rome disco club

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